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You can rely on us to help you buy a property in Oklahoma and help you with the financing, so let that your dream of owning a piece of real estate become reality. We provide financing options like low down payment and some properties are sold at a DISCOUNT, so that you can buy property and your finances will be in order as well. Give us a call Monday - Friday 8:00 to 4:00 @ 405-273-5777.

Don't let finances come in the way of owning property

Committed to helping you find the property that you have always dreamed of!

  • $25 fee for credit report (same day results available)  

  • Low down payments

  • $28 to record deed and mortgage

You can count on us for owner financing

  • Well, Septic and Storm Shelters - We can add the cost to your note

  • Pump and Pressure Tank - We can add the cost to your note

  • Interest Rate - Our rate is 12.75% (however, if you pay 1 principal payment a month over the life of the note, you would be paying 6 %)


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